Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bailee with Make up!

Ok, so I let Bailee play with my make up every once and a while... here she is with my lipstick. She watches me put it on every day, she wants to do it too! So, I'll give her my brushes, and all my old containers once i've used up all the make up. She does pretty well with applying fake make up! And yes. she is trying to eat the lipstick in this pic.I had to take it away right after I took this picture.

Bailee Playing

Bailee's Grandma Dollard bought her some horses with a stall for them to go in. At first, Bailee was scared of the horses! But some time has gone by and now she absolutely LOVES to play with them! All the kids I watch are always going straight for the horses. Thanks Grandma Dollard! We miss you!

Giving baby loves!

I watched a baby in our ward the other day and Bailee just LOVES babies. She kept giving little Brook loves and it was so sweet! She will make such a great big sister one day. I kept telling Bailee to find some toys for the baby to play with. She ran over and found some rattles and shook them in front of Brook, then handed them to her. It was so sweet! She kept giving her hugs and saying OH BABY! or HI BABY! It was so fun!

Valentine's Day!

This is Bailee's Valentine's Day outfit from Gammy and Poppy Eyre. Thanks Gammy and Poppy! We miss you! (Bailee calls Grandma Eyre Gammy and Grandpa Eyre Poppy)

We had a GREAT Valentine's day. We baked lots of goodies and went around to deliver them to friends and family. Bailee got to see her Aunt Kykee and Uncle Tim for just a few minutes. She didn't want to leave! The ride there she kept calling for Kykee. (Yes, Bailee calls her Kykee. VERY cute).

After that, Bailee got to hang out with Brittany while we went out to dinner! It was so nice! It was a great day. Hope you all had a GREAT Valentine's day too!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hello family and friends! We finally decided to switch our blog to blogspot because, well, you can do more fun things here! I've added some pics to let you know what we've been up to the past few months. We've been really busy lately so I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get this up and running! Clancey is now working for a place called InvesTools in Draper. He is really liking it so far.

I am staying at home with Bailee while watching a few kids as well during the day. We have so much fun! Bailee really enjoys having other kids to play with all the time. Every once and a while she gets jealous of not having my full attention, but it has been so good to have kids around. It's teaching her to share and how to act around other kids.

She is a sweety. She is so concerned about other people. If someone is crying, she goes right up to them and tries to comfort them. She is such a riot! She is saying so many words now. When we first get her up in the morning she is so happy and says HI! And always has such a cheezy smile on her face. There's nothing better than that. When Clancey leaves in the morning she waves and says bye daddy! Its so much fun! She LOVES giving hugs and kisses. There's a 1 year old that I watch during the day, and she loves to kiss him on the lips. She is hillarious. Its never boring around here thanks to her. I absolutely LOVE this age. Its so much more fun when they can show you they love you and get excited over things. There really is nothing better than that! Or to hear Hi mommy! with a big smile and a hug from her. LOVE IT! Life is so good!

And, since Valentine's day is coming up, I just wanted to add that I have the most amazing husband ever. He is so good to me. He lives to make my life easier and I couldn't love him more for that. I am so in love with you Clancey! You are my whole world. My #1 forever and always.
This is Bailee, super tired. She could barely keep her eyes open! But that hat stayed on her til bath time! I couldn't believe she kept it on! I think she was just too tired to care.

Here's our little family on New Year's Eve. It was fun to be at home this year for the holidays. We had such a fun Christmas together! I made a turkey for the first time... wow. But it turned out ok I think! And for New Year's, we had some friends over and just hung out all night. It was a lot of fun. Bailee was a party pooper and went to bed at 9. I just couldn't keep her up any longer than that!
This was in Boise over Thanksgiving weekend. We took pics close to my parents house. Isn't the background so pretty?