Monday, August 24, 2009

Wedding, Baseball Game, and Fireworks!!

This weekend was a busy one!!! Clancey's good buddy got married on Saturday!! We drove to Altamont (a 2 1/2 hour drive) for the wedding. Bailee did GREAT in the car. She just watched DVDs and was happy! It was an outside wedding, and over 100 degrees out.... yeah... we were very hot. But we survived! Here's a pic of Bailee waiting for the ceremony to start....

(Notice her earrings? She picked them out and kept calling them her pretties!)

Even though it was very hot, it was really fun to see Solomon and his new bride. We stayed for dinner and then headed out to catch the Bee's baseball game with Clancey's coworkers! Thanks Investools!!!! Here are a few pics of the game.

By the end, Bailee was so exhausted. She never fussed or complained though... but had a hard time keeping her eyes open!!! She really is such a good girl.

After the baseball game, they had fireworks! That woke Bailee right up!!! She LOVES fireworks. She kept pointing to them and saying WOAH!!!! Wish I got a picture of that... It was such a fun day! And it helps that I have a pretty amazing family who are so much fun! We had fun with Clancey's friends from work too. GREAT DAY!

All these pictures were taken with my new phone.... not too bad for a phone! I love it!

Bailee's weekend with Grandma

A few weeks ago, Grandma Eyre decided she needed to spend some one on one time with Bailee. My dad was out of town, and it gave my mom a great excuse to spend some time with her grand daughter! I took Bailee out there and spent the weekend in Boise, then headed home for a week while Bailee and Grandma played! This was the only pic I had of their week together. But, they really did have SO much fun together! They really are great friends. She also spent a lot of time with her Uncle Chad and Aunty Kate. It was such a fun week for her!

And, although I MISSED her like CRAZY, I was able to get a lot of things ready for the baby to come. I think we are finally ready for her to come! I was able to spend some time with my girlfriends. We did some shopping to prepare me a little better for this baby to come. Clancey and I were also able to spend a lot of alone time together. We were able to go on a few dates, which NEVER happens anymore... and just hang out! One of our fun adventures was going to the canyon and having a picnic while Bailee was gone. It was so much fun! We also ran into Max Hall and Dennis Pitta playing some football with their family. It got us really excited for Football Season to start! First BYU game is coming up! Here we are in the canyon.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Name poll for baby girl Dollard

As most of you know, we are having a baby girl in a few weeks!!! We are struggling finding just the perfect name for her! So we've narrowed it down to 5 names. We want to see what our friends and family think of these names! Please vote on your fav!