Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Emma Sue Dollard

Our little Emma Sue is finally here! She was born on Friday, September 11th at 4:30 pm. She was 7 lbs. 1 oz and 18 1/2 in. long. We were so blessed with a fairly easy delivery as well. I was feeling pretty miserable that last week of my pregnancy. I went in to get my membranes stripped on Thursday. All it did was make me really crampy and achy.... no baby. So, they decided they would induce me friday morning. We went in and they got me all set up on Pitocin at 12:30pm. I was progressing quickly. They came in around 4 to check me. I was at a 7 1/2 dilated and 90% effaced. They told me I'd probably be ready to push around 5. I was so excited!

Well, about 10 minutes after they left, I felt a big contraction. That was unusaul because I hadn't been feeling ANY contractions once I got my epidural. I told Clancey I felt like I needed to push but they had just BARELY checked me so I knew I couldn't. Clancey decided to ask the nurse if how much I could up the epidural so I didn't feel the pain. She brought in my wonderful Midwife Kathryn and she said let's push! This baby was ready! I told Clancey to hurry and call my mom and family to GET OVER HERE!!!! They were only 5 minutes away, but that was too long!!! This baby was ready!

I had to wait for them to come with the Midwife and all the nurses waiting... and waiting... talk about PAIN!!! I felt I couldn't wait anymore... they would just have to miss it... I started to push and here comes Mom and Kate!!! They barely made it! I pushed for 15 minutes and she was here!! I couldn't believe how quick she arrived! 10 hours faster than Bailee.
Here she is right after birth. I couldn't believe how much hair she has! Bailee never had hair so we were excited.

Our first family pic together. This is us right after they brought Bailee in after delivery.
And of course I was STARVING after delivery... so Bailee and I got to eat some much needed food. Bailee was pretty excited to sit with mommy and share her food.
Bailee absolutely loves her little sister. She is so gentle and good with Emma. She goes up to her and says "Hi Memma!" Can't quite say just Emma... but it's so cute!

And lastly, here is Grandma Eyre with Emma..... that's right. She has some pretty bad Jaundice and had to be put under Bili Lights.... :( It has been very hard to see my sweet little girl under those lights basically all the time. She's only allowed out to eat and change her diaper. She was just put on this morning, so we are not sure how long she'll be under the lights, but we're praying it won't be very long.

My mom has been so great helping out with Bailee and Emma, cleaning and cooking for us... Thank you so much mom!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

What's in a name?

As some of you may know, a couple of weeks ago, Clancey's mom had a stroke. She had a mini stroke a few months earlier that she was able to recover from pretty quickly. Unfortunately, her second stroke has been a lot harder on Linda. She is still in the hospital recovering. As of now, she is paralyzed on her right side. She is still all there, but has a hard time talking or moving her body. Her mind is not able to tell her body what to do.

Clancey went to see her last weekend. Our good friend was able to drive out there with him to allow her to see him. It was good for Clancey to spend time with her and also be there for his dad.

The good thing is she is not getting any worse. Slowly improving. She only says a few words at a time. It takes a lot out of her. We are so grateful for all of your prayers. With all of that in mind, now I can tell you the name we decided to choose for our baby girl coming any day!

We had narrowed it down to a few names. Clancey and I decided on a name but were planning to keep it a secret til the baby was born. But.... we've now decided to let everyone know after hearing the following...

Clancey had spoken to a good friend out in Sacramento who had recently spent time with Linda. While they were at the hospital with a few other close friends, the topic of our blog and the results of the baby-name voting was brought up. Without her knowing what the name would be for sure, Linda, who was recovering from a recent surgery and was not very lucid at the time, uttered the name Emma.....

It was definitely an exciting thing for us to hear since that was the name we had decided on, without anyone knowing. We know now more than ever, that this baby is to be named Emma. We decided a few weeks ago to name her Emma Sue Dollard. (Sue is Linda's middle name). And how perfect to have her middle name after her grandmother who had uttered her name before even coming to the earth.