Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Family Pictures!

About a month ago, we got some family pictures done. A friend from our ward was nice enough to take them for us. She did a great job! Just wanted to post a few of my favorites!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010!!!

This year was so much fun!! Bailee really got into it this year. We were able to get together with some friends for dinner and then we all went out trick or treating!! This was Bailee's first year actually going door to door trick or treating. We've always just gone to the mall in the past. Her and her best friend Hailey really had a lot of fun knocking on doors and saying "trick or treat!!!" We also were able to see cousin Beckett and Tim and Kylee, Jan, and my mom and dad for a little while as well!

We also had a Halloween party in our ward. Clancey dressed up as a butcher, I was a housewife from the 60's, Bailee was of course Cinderella, and Emma was a BYU cheerleader. We had a lot of fun! Here are some pictures.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Emma!!

Our little Emma is ONE!! I can't believe how fast the year went by! Emma had a GREAT first birthday! We spent the day with my family at my mom and dad's. There was a BYU football game on which we of course had to watch. After the game, we opened presents and let Emma dig in to her cake! She loved it!! Here are some pictures of her big day. Happy Birthday Emma! We love you!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Bailee!!!

I can't believe my Bailee Girl is 3 years old!! I'm so glad it landed on such a fun, long weekend! We did all of Bailee's favorite things. Started off the day at the pool! My sister-in-law, Kylee, was nice enough to let us use her mom's pool for a few hours. After, we came back home to open presents and have cake and ice cream! Bailee got so many great things! That night, we had dinner at my Aunt Suzie's in Murray and headed over to the park to watch the Fireworks!! What a day! So glad Kate and Chad were able to make it! It was SUCH a fun weekend! Here are a few pics of Bailee's special day...

Here is Bailee's cake...

Bailee Rae at the Pool!

Emma Sue

She got LOTS of clothes

Us before the Fireworks

What an end to a GREAT day!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Emma's Ears are pierced!!!

A few days ago, my mom and I took the girls to the mall, and got Emma's ears pierced! We were so nervous because it took SOO long to calm Bailee down when she got hers done at 3 months. It was very traumatic on my mom... (I was on a cruise when it happened). So, we decided to wait a few months with Emma. She's now almost 8 months old, so we thought we better get it done... feeling it would again be very traumatic.... but our little Emma did AMAZING! She cried for about 5 seconds, then was smiling and just as happy as a lark! I forgot my camera :( so here are some after shots of her showing her pretty ears!
She's just so darn happy! Pretty sure the happiest baby around...

Just playin around!

Here are a few random pics to see what we've been up to the past few months. Whenever the weather is nice, we spend most our days outside. Bailee has a few good friends in our ward that like to play with us outside! We've also attended a few games when the weather is nice. We love our Cougars! Here are a few pics of us at a baseball game, and playing in our yard.
Emma ready for the BYU UTAH baseball game! Her shirt says: "Friends don't let friends go to the U of U"
Bailee had a BLAST!

Emma with her daddy

Enjoying some sun!

Bailee's Hair Cut!

So, I haven't updated our blog for a very long time... it has been busy! I wanted to add the pictures of Bailee getting her hair cut even though it was a few months back! I had never cut her hair and my mom and I decided to go to a place called Cookie Cutters to get it cut for the first time! She had a blast! She was able to watch her favorite, Dora, while getting it cut in a fun little car! She was not too excited about some stranger touching her hair, but she eventually warmed up and did just fine! After it was over, she got a sucker with a balloon that had a cookie cutter with it! Very cute. We didn't do anything drastic, but she got a much needed trim. Here are the before and after pics!
During (not happy)
Starting to be ok with it now....
After.... sugar makes everything better!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Blog overload!

I realized I hadn't posted any updates since November!!! I apologize that it has been so long. We have been really busy and I just have not had time to update til now! I hope you all enjoy all the pictures!

Christmas 2009! Warning.... Lots of pics!

This year for Christmas, we went to Boise to see my family! The whole family was there. We played games and had a great time together! Here are a few pictures of us on Christmas day.
This was Bailee when she first came downstairs and saw all her toys. She was so excited!
Right after opening all our gifts.
Playing with Grandpa.
Emma was so tired....

Our Princess Bailee. She is wearing them all....

Playing with grandpa with her new Princess dress-up clothes.

Our Sweet Emma Sue. It was a great Christmas!