Monday, August 1, 2011

Bailee turns 4!!!

Again, I'm a little behind on posting this, but I wanted to post the cute pictures of Bailee's birthday! Bailee turned 4 years old on July 3rd. She LOVES the water, so we invited her friends over for a swimming party!! She had so much fun. The kids swam for about an hour, then we went inside for cupcakes and presents! She had a blast.
That night, we were able to get together with my mom and dad, Tim, Kylee and Beckett boy for some good ol' Chuck E Cheese. We then went back to my parent's house for MORE cake and ice cream with more of the Eyre cousins, the Passeys. And, of course, like every year, she looks forward to the FIREWORKS on her big day. Pretty sure she thinks they are just for her :0)
We love our Bailee girl and we're so glad she had such a GREAT birthday!

Bailee checking out her new wagon with Emma and her cousin, Lauren!
Bailee's Pinata!
Watching fireworks on my parent's lawn with the Passeys

Bailee, Emma and Beckett at Chuck E Cheese!

Easter 2011

Ok, ok, so I'm a LITTLE behind on my blog posts, but I still wanted wanted to update the past few months!Better late than never, right? So, for Easter this year, we went to my mom and dad's in Sandy for an Easter egg hunt! Tim and Kylee came with Beckett and Jan (Kylee's mom). Here are a few pics of the girls with their cousin, Beckett, finding the eggs!
Months later, Bailee STILL talks about when the Easter bunny will be back with more eggs. She loves her princess basket. So cute!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Emma's First Haircut!

The past few months, poor Emma has been walking around with her hair covering her eyes. She has SO much hair and refuses to keep clips in her hair for longer than 5 minutes. I have given her bangs in the past, just by cutting them myself. But, I decided with all hair she has, it would be fun to cut all of it and even it out. For a 16 month old, she has the thickest, fullest hair i've ever seen!

My mom came with us to Cookie Cutters (same place Bailee got her first cut). She helped entertain Bailee while I attempted to keep Emma in one place!! You'd think with a sucker, toys, bubbles AND a movie, she'd have plenty to keep her still...not MY Emma! She was all over the place!!! But, they did a great job and she has a cut bob now!!! No more worries about the hair in her eyes! (At least until it grows back!)

Here are the pictures before, during and after: