Sunday, July 26, 2009

Birthday fun!!

Well, I had a birthday on Saturday. Can't believe I'm 25! Clancey made the day extra special for me. He made me breakfast in bed... yummy! Then my alarm went off on my phone after breakfast saying I needed to get up and get ready for my hair appointment! Yes... I got to get my hair done! As you can see from the pics, it's very different!
After my hair appointment, we went to Tucanos with Tim and Kylee! So much fun! Such good food! Then we all came back for Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake and a movie! Thank you Clancey for making my day so GREAT!!!!

Pioneer Weekend

We had a GREAT weekend! So much happened. On Friday, Pioneer Day, we spent the evening going to a carnival and fireworks! We had dinner at this little pizza joint, Two Jack's Pizza. SO GOOD!!!!

Afterwards, we checked out the carnival and then headed to see the fireworks!!! Bailee LOVED the fireworks. She kept saying COOL! and PRETTY! It was such a blast!

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Cabin!

Over the 4th of July weekend, we were able to go to my Uncle Brian's Cabin! We had SUCH a great time! Bailee kinda struggled a little bit because she had so many restrictions while we were there. She wasn't able to just wander around like she wished she could. But it was so relaxing and fun to hang out with our great friends Jim and Maggie! Here are a few pics of the Beautiful scenery in Boulder Mountain.

Here is the Cabin my Grandma lived in when she was little.

Bailee's Birthday Party!

Our Little Bailee Rae is 2 years old!!! I can't believe she's already 2. We have had so much fun with Bailee in our lives. She has such a GREAT personality and makes us laugh so much! She is getting to be so big and loves to help us out any chance she gets. She really is a sweetheart. She definately has her moments, but what 2 year old doesn't??? We sure love her! Here we are at her little birthday party. She was kinda confused by what was going on, but she sure had a lot of fun! Blowing out her candle... Daddy ended up blowing it out. She was confused.
She got a couch/pull-out bed from Mommy and Daddy. Here she is laying on it with her friend Kiara

Giving Tim, Kylee, and Beckett loves for their gift.

Here she is opening her gifts. She LOVED the ponies.

The whole gang! We had a great turnout! Thanks everyone who came to Bailee's special day!