Saturday, June 20, 2009

Last day...

This is Cute Greyson.... one of the boys I've been babysitting this last year. Yesterday was my last day with him. :( His mom is having another baby and will be taking time off work. We've gotten to be good friends with his mom and dad. They are such great people and I'm gonna really miss seeing them all the time! He is such a cute boy! And, as you can see... Bailee and Greyson have gotten pretty close. We will miss him.... But, I'm excited that in his place, I get to watch my adorable nephew Beckett!!!! Can't wait!

They are so freakin' cute together!!!!

Greyson feeding Bailee...

Bailee feeding Greyson...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Clancey!!!

Today is my amazing husband's birthday. He turns 29 today!!! So, I thought I would put 29 of my FAVORITE things about him on our blog. He really is such a GREAT guy and I am so lucky to have him in my life! Love you Clancey!

I told him to cheese it up for this pic!

29. He is always thinking of others. He is very selfless in the things he does.
28. He has a lot of confidence. He doesn't let other people's opinions get to him.
27. He is always helping me out around the house. Every night he makes sure he does the dishes, which helps me out SO MUCH!
26. He likes the same things I like. Same movies, sports, TV shows, games, people, etc. We are so much alike and I LOVE IT!
25. HE always knows just what to say when I'm feeling down.
24. He takes great care of me when I'm sick. Always asking what he can do for me.
23. He's SUCH a great father to Bailee. HE makes sure he spends Bailee/Daddy time every night for Bath time. It also gives me a nice break too!
22. He has AMAZING brown eyes....
21. I love how spiritual he is. He knows so much about the gospel.
20. He is very patient.
19. He's always putting other's needs before his own... GREAT quality to have.
18. I love just spending time with him. We don't have to be doing anything. Its just fun to be with him.
17. He LIVES to make me happy. He always makes me feel so special.
16. He gives GREAT massages....
15. He is really good at relaxing me at night by playing with my hair every night. I LOVE IT!
14. He knows me really well. Better than anyone... and he loves me to pieces!!
13. We have our little inside jokes/quirks that we do together. Others may think we're not funny but we do!
12. He LOVES BYU football games!!!! Just like me.
11. He's SO fun to watch sports with... reminds me of my dad and brother. They all get really into it.
10. He makes me laugh.

9. He has so much fun with Bailee. They goof off together and she absolutely ADORES him! She still cries when he leaves for work, or anywhere!
8. He is one handsom devil! I'm just as attracted to him as I was when we first started dating.
7. He always has great advice to give.... ALWAYS!
6. He's very smart.... which will come in handy with our kids and their homework!
5. He rarely complains. Half the time I don't know when he's sick because he doesn't complain
about it!
4. He has the same goals as me.
3. I love that he tells me how beautiful I am to him. He's GREAT at giving compliments.
2. He adores me. Makes me feel like a million bucks all the time!!!

And the Number ONE thing I love most about Clancey....

1. He is my very best friend. I am so blessed to have him in my life. He is everything and more than I ever wanted from a husband. Thank you for choosing me, Clancey! I love you!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom/Grandma Dollard!

Today is my Mother-in-law's Birthday. I just wanted to send out yet ANOTHER quick post to tell her how grateful we are for all she does for us! She is such a great lady. She is always wanting to help others and we're so grateful to have her in our lives! We miss you and hope to see both you and Peter soon! Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom/Grandma Eyre!

Today is my mom's Birthday!!! I just wanted to add a quick post to tell her how much I love her and apreciate all she does! She is so giving and loving to everyone and such a GREAT example to anyone she meets. She is such an amazing Mom/Grandma/daughter/sister/ wife/Relief Society President/ etc. etc. etc. I love you so much mom! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day! You deserve it!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Little Miss Copy Cat!

Bailee has decided ALL she wants to do are the things mommy and daddy are doing. She is always putting on our shoes, walking around with mommys purse, and talking on the cell phone. Lately, she's been talking just like us too. When Clancey is watching his basketball games... Bailee yells at the TV and says "GO! GO! GO!" or "GET IT!" Very cute... and it also shows how much they really do watch everything we do and want to be just like us! When she's on her cell phone... she has full on conversations, sounding just like me, and also is into texting too! She pretends to text people ALL the time. I should lay off my phone a bit!
But, she really is such a sweety. She LOVES church and is so reverent! Today, we asked if she was ready to go to church. She said YEAH CHURCH!!!! We both laughed so hard and gave her a big squeeze. She sits by herself, arms folded, while listening to sacrament. (seriously...) She does play with toys, eats snacks, etc. but we are so blessed we never have to take her out for anything. She also won't go to bed without saying her prayers at night. She has her special spot she kneels down on, and folds her arms. We learned we gotta be quick with the prayer, however, because she will just yell AMEN! when she is ready for it to be done! We're so blessed to have such an amazing daughter who is so good and is probably the most entertaining thing ever!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fun weekend!

Daddy and Bailee time
Last weekend, we decided it was too nice outside to let it go to waste! So, we packed some food, went up to the Canyons and Barbaqued! It was so much fun! Bailee had a BLAST!!! She has been the best girl ever lately! She is so happy all the time and so fun to be around! As you can see from these pics, she is a cheeseball! I put a camera in front of her and tell her to say cheese! She always says it in the cheesiest way possible! And i LOVE IT!

Bailee also got a BIG GIRL BED! Thanks Grandma Dollard! Pictures coming soon. It is the cutest bed with a canopy and makes Bailee feel like a little Princess. She LOVES her bed. Its getting her to SLEEP in it that's the problem. I finally got her to take her naps in it. (Only with me staying in the room til she falls asleep...) But, we are making progress!

I couldn't ask for a sweeter little girl. She is seriously a BLAST! Every day she is talking more and more... picking up on EVERY WORD mommy and daddy are saying. Some of her favorite words right now are: "Oh cute!" "Stinky!" "Oh Thank you!" "Oh HI!" "K Bye!"

Her favorite characters on TV right now are Dora and Elmo. She sees either in the store and FLIPS!!! Dora has been a favorite since she was just a baby, but now Elmo is just as exciting to Bailee. She LOVES to sing Elmo's song. (Probably the cutest thing you've ever seen) And she won't go anywhere without her dora doll. She likes to dress dora and change her diaper when she is "stinky". She also sings to Dora and pats her back while rocking her to sleep. She's gonna be such a GREAT big sister.