Monday, January 18, 2010

Blog overload!

I realized I hadn't posted any updates since November!!! I apologize that it has been so long. We have been really busy and I just have not had time to update til now! I hope you all enjoy all the pictures!

Christmas 2009! Warning.... Lots of pics!

This year for Christmas, we went to Boise to see my family! The whole family was there. We played games and had a great time together! Here are a few pictures of us on Christmas day.
This was Bailee when she first came downstairs and saw all her toys. She was so excited!
Right after opening all our gifts.
Playing with Grandpa.
Emma was so tired....

Our Princess Bailee. She is wearing them all....

Playing with grandpa with her new Princess dress-up clothes.

Our Sweet Emma Sue. It was a great Christmas!

Bailee with Christmas toys!!

Here are a few pictures of Bailee playing with her Christmas toys.

She got a princess table and chairs from Santa this year. She loves to eat lunch at her very own table.

Here we are playing with her Fairy outfits! She doesn't just put one on.... she puts the whole chest of clothes on! Very cute.

Our little Emma

So I realized I have a lot of posts about Bailee... so here are just some shots of our little Emma. She is such a happy baby! She's 4 months old now. She is LOVING her rice cereal. She is sleeping pretty well at night and is just very chill. I can sit her on the couch while I clean or do laundry, cook dinner, etc. and she just hangs out!!! She has learned to put her binki in her mouth by herself. She is already starting to put herself to sleep.... SO NICE! She is such a blessing in our lives. There's nothing better for a mom than to hear her children laugh. Emma is finally laughing and interacting with Bailee. I am so blessed to have such wonderful girls.

Can we say mini Clancey?????

Bailee taking care of Emma

So I have finally started to get used to having two kids at all times! I have a big helper during the day. Bailee LOVES Emma so much. She is always wanting to help out. When Emma starts to cry, Bailee runs to her to put a binki in her mouth or put a blanket on her. I do need to watch her, however, because Bailee forgets sometimes that Emma is not one of her dolls. Here is an example...
Emma was in her swing and Bailee wanted to help out! She thought Emma needed some dolls to keep her company. She placed all sorts of toys on Emma so she wouldn't be lonely. So sweet!

Bailee Dressing herself.

Bailee is going through the dress-up phase right now. She LOVES wearing mommy's high heels, dress up clothes, and all her clothes.... at the same time. She loves to decide for herself what to wear each day. I usually have a few different outfits picked out for her to choose between. This day I had not... So she decided to go in her drawer and pick out her own clothes. Here are a few shots of Bailee one morning after giving me 8 shirts to wear. And yes... she wore them all day long!

Does she kind of remind you of Ralphy's little brother from The Christmas Story????