Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Emma's First Haircut!

The past few months, poor Emma has been walking around with her hair covering her eyes. She has SO much hair and refuses to keep clips in her hair for longer than 5 minutes. I have given her bangs in the past, just by cutting them myself. But, I decided with all hair she has, it would be fun to cut all of it and even it out. For a 16 month old, she has the thickest, fullest hair i've ever seen!

My mom came with us to Cookie Cutters (same place Bailee got her first cut). She helped entertain Bailee while I attempted to keep Emma in one place!! You'd think with a sucker, toys, bubbles AND a movie, she'd have plenty to keep her still...not MY Emma! She was all over the place!!! But, they did a great job and she has a cut bob now!!! No more worries about the hair in her eyes! (At least until it grows back!)

Here are the pictures before, during and after: